My Testimonials

Allison S.

Cyndia was wonderful! The best realtor I have ever worked with - honest, pleasant, communicative, knowledgeable, thorough, and helped us meet deadlines. I would definitely use her again and recommend her to anyone!

Seller/Buyer/Seller Beachside Kailua: Kapiolani Condo; Honolulu Condo, Oahu

I worked with Cyndia Pilkington on two transactions.
On the first transaction, Cyndia helped us as Seller's agent.
Our house had some unique challenges and Cyndia helped us every step of the way. She hung in there for the long haul and provided advice and guidance. As we were living on the neighbor island, she went above and beyond the call of duty and acted much like a property manager throughout the process.
She worked well with us throughout the different emotions and frustrations that can occur and allowed me to vent as needed. (Not about her but about other frustrations that arose.)

The final sale would not have gone through if it had not been through Cyndia's attentive action and helping us with some creative negotiation ideas that we had put on the table.

I also worked with Cyndia in purchasing a condo at Harbor Court. She acted as Buyer's agent this time. After having worked with her for so long on a challenging sale, it was a delight to work with her on a more positive aspect of purchasing. I was impressed with the level of detail and care she gave toward providing all of the information and then some to help make sure we were making a good decision.

One of Cyndia's unique strengths that I have not seen in other Realtors is her ability to understand us and our needs, wants and communication style. While other agents might get frustrated with our need for very detailed information every step of the way, Cyndia handled it (and us) like a champ. She never expressed any frustration with us and always was on our side, even during difficult situations.

The other attribute of Cyndia that I appreciate is her impeccable honesty. I have yet to come across another agent quite like Cyndia in this regard. I could always count on her to tell us the truth, for better or worse.

Seller, Kaneohe

ALWAYS there to accept calls, answer questions and when needed answered it over and over. Cyndia is very akamai, very patient and calm. She made me feel as though we (my husband and I) were her only clients. She made me very comfortable which allowed to to call her without any hesitation. She made me feel "understood" and therefore I felt she was working on my behalf. She made me feel she she was working for me. She deserves an award. I speak of her and recommend her to my friends and any other.

Seller/Buyer, Kailua, Oahu

Cyndia was helpful every step of the way.

Seller, Mililani Mauka

Cyndia has been amazing with helping us sell our house in Mililani Mauka this past year! She was thorough in taking care of removing birds in the attic to fixing minor issues to helping us follow up with the escrow company. She's very responsive and her follow through from day one to closing was impeccable.

Since we moved to the mainland as we were in the process of selling our house, Cyndia really took charge to make sure everything went through perfectly. She's so personable, meticulous, and extremely professional. We look forward to having her represent us when we buy our next home this time in Kailua whether we are back in Hawaii or abroad! She's really the best...

Buyer, Kailua

Cyndia did a fantastic job of explaining all the details of the steps to take, what was needed and why, she was friendly and personable and put absolutely no pressure on us, which I appreciated tremendously!! She was proactive in monitoring the progress of our loan and making sure all our deadlines were met in a relaxed non-stressful way. She made the process go extremely smoothly and anticipated any possible glitches to head them off before they happened. She was an excellent communicator. I felt like I had a friend looking out for my interests, someone whom I could trust, would level with me, and who did not have a hidden agenda. I appreciated this so much! I have bought and sold 6 houses, and this was by far the most pleasant and least stressful home purchase I have ever done, and I attribute that to Cyndia's relaxed personable and yet very engaged proactive style. I will use her again when I need a realtor, and do not hesitate in recommending her to my friends. She is the best I have ever seen!!!

Buyer, North Shore, Oahu

Cyndia stood out as honest and forthright and we will be forever grateful to her for maintaining such high integrity throughout our purchase process.

Cyndia was able to advise us on the particulars of Hawaii real estate law and the peculiarities of North Shore development to the extent that we felt good about our purchase and have heard nothing but subsequent independent praise for such an excellent deal from local builders and owners.

Cyndia was eager to listen to us and quick to know exactly what we were looking for, so that our search and closing happened within our schedule and budget. She also tapped into more expert advice when needed and within short weeks of working with us has gained our complete and enduring trust and confidence - not easy from people who have been involved in several sales/purchases on the mainland with limited satisfaction.

Seller, Kailua, Oahu

The list of Cyndia's professional assets is extensive. To start she has qualities that one would assume an ideal realtor to possess. She is principled, honest and dedicated to following established code. Her passion for finding the right fit regarding a home that makes the buyers heart sing, while focusing on value is paramount. Incredible is her commitment to detail, work ethic and rapid response to answering questions. Recently I sold a property, Cyndia rs ability to negotiate via the buyer's agent was impressive. Her intention was clear, that all parties wear a smile, she was able to balance this task deftly, while keeping our goals in place. Her next career should be with the State Department. Knowing Cyndia one would realize immediately that she is highly intelligent, worldly, well read, yet fills the roll of hometown girl. She understands broad real estate trends while knowledgeable about the unique local real estate market.

Buyer, Oahu

Throughout the past year, Cyndia has been great. She helped us with the search and buying process. Very thorough. Always explained everything in dealt for us. Would absolutely use her again